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Myrtle Beach | June 27

Information only | On June 23, a Myrtle Beach man said his Facebook and E-mail accounts had been hacked several times that day, and he could not gain access to either. He said he thought his ex-girlfriend did it, and he was afraid she would send something to herself and pretend it was from him so she could say he broke the restraining order she had on him.

Theft | On June 23, a Myrtle Beach victim said someone stole two complete firefighter uniforms, a pair of leather firefighter boots, a small EMS jump-kit orange bag, six CDs and a portable Motorola radio from his car while it was parked at his residence.

Shoplifting | On June 23, a complainant at a Myrtle Beach business said he saw a male juvenile take a knife to another department where he took it out of the package and put it in a plastic bag from another business. He then went back, got another knife and did the same thing. The juvenile left the store, and the complainant followed him to the parking lot where he met his parents. The complainant kept them there until police arrived. The knives were returned to the store, and the boy was arrested and released to his parents.

Burglary | On June 23 in Myrtle Beach, a victim came home to find the door open. Someone had stolen a watch with a clear band and a skull/crystal face, and a necklace and bracelet, each featuring a heart, lock and key.

Simple assault and battery | On June 22, a juvenile told police his father had jumped on him because of how he looked at him. The father admitted to jumping on him. The juvenile wanted to press charges. The father was taken to jail.