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Southern Horry County | June 27

Garden City Beach

Illegally parked golf cart | On June 23, an officer on patrol in Garden City saw an illegally parked golf cart. It was not in a parking place and blocked the public’s view of a stop sign. Another officer went to the beach and used his PA system to try to locate the owner. After about 15 to 20 minutes without finding the owner, the officer called a wrecker and had the golf cart towed.

Surfside Beach

Beach emergency | On June 23 in Surfside, an officer responded to a sailboat-in-distress call. The complainant said two of her friends were on a sailboat, and their mast broke, leaving them adrift. They had given her their location, and her husband and a friend took their jet skis out and brought the boaters in. The officer checked on the boaters, who said they were fine.

Dog bite | On June 14, a Surfside man said he was walking his dog and was on the opposite side of the road when his neighbor returned home. The neighbor opened his truck door, and his dog charged after the man’s dog. The man said he was bitten on his little finger during the attack and was going to a hospital for treatment.