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Western Horry County | June 20


Harassing phone calls | On June 6, a Conway woman, 44, said the subject, another Conway woman, 39, has been harassing her by phone since February and has been harassing her publicly. That day, the subject confronted the woman's 12-year-old child in his classroom at school. She said she had to remove her son from the baseball team due to public harassment. She was referred to a magistrate.

Identity theft | On June 5, a Conway man said his son, who was incarcerated at J. Reuben Long Detention Center, used his Social Security number and signed his name without permission to open a bank account before going there.

Runaway | On June 4, a Conway parent said their juvenile daughter had a baby and went home from the hospital with her boyfriend. She was staying in her boyfriend's mother's house and would not go home. Police located her and the baby and took them both to her parents' home.

Galivants Ferry

Criminal domestic violence | On June 7, a Galivants Ferry man said he returned home from work to find his three children, ages 10 and under, alone at home while his wife was down the street drinking alcoholic beverages. When she got home, they argued about the children being left alone. She hit him with her purse and bit him in his left bicep. He took the children to his parents' home for the night. A picture of his injuries was taken, and a magistrate will hear the case.


Harrassment/verbal threats | On June 7, A Loris man said a 23-year-old Nichols man started following him after he passed the suspect's house as he was driving down a road. When the suspect attempted to pass the victim, he moved over as if he were going to hit the victim, went around him and stopped in the road in front of him, came back to his truck, pushed the rearview mirror up against the truck and told him he should beat him for going past his house.


Phone harassment | On June 5, a Nichols woman said she was getting text messages threatening her life and the life of her family. Another person also said they had gotten threatening messages. They were referred to a magistrate.