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Myrtle Beach | June 20

Larceny | On June 6, a Myrtle Beach woman said a silver and gray Next bicycle was taken from the backyard of her residence. She did not have the model or serial numbers and no evidence of value.

Information only | On June 6, a Myrtle Beach woman said she received a phone call, and the caller asked for her daughter by name. The victim said her daughter did not talk on the phone because she was only 3 years old. Police called the number, and the caller said he was looking for his daughter with the same name who is 7 years old and had called the wrong number.

Marine mammal| On June 6, a Myrtle Beach man reported that a sea turtle, approximately 4 feet, was laying her eggs on the beach. When the officer arrived, the turtle had gone back into the ocean. Police dispatch called the Department of Natural Resources for egg protection and collection and was told a beach walker would be out at daybreak to mark the site. Police roped off the area.

Runaway | On June 5, a Myrtle Beach man reported that his daughter ran away. He said he caught her kissing her boyfriend, and when he went to take one of her friends home, she text messaged him and said she was running away. When he got home, she was gone.

Seized property | On June 5 in Myrtle Beach, police were called to TSA screening at the Jetport where a B6-4 rocket engine belonging to a young boy who was boarding a plane with his father was found. The boy said it was part of a school project. The engine was seized, and the man and boy were allowed to leave.

Missing person | On June 5, a Myrtle Beach man said he had been living with a woman for a year and a half, and they have a 9-month-old daughter. He said the woman left home and had not returned with the child. He thought she was with friends, but she would not talk with him, and he was worried about his daughter’s well being.

Malicious damage | On June 5, a Myrtle Beach woman said she came home from work, and someone had keyed or scratched her vehicle. She has had trouble with neighbors at a location where multiple suspects live but did not know their names. Her daughter told her that she saw someone scratch the vehicle but was afraid to tell who it was.

Verbal threats/harassment | On June 5 in Myrtle Beach, a Hemingway woman, 26, said the suspect, her mother, 45, was arrested on drug charges, and she bailed her out of jail and stopped at a restaurant to eat. They got into an argument, and the suspect got in the victim’s face and threatened her. The victim got up to leave, and the suspect grabbed her and told her she was going to leave town. The victim told the suspect that she was going to revoke the bail, and the suspect said she would kill her. After the incident, the suspect kept calling and threatening the victim on her cell phone. The victim wanted a restraining order and was referred to a magistrate.

Harassing phone calls | On June 5, a 19-year-old Myrtle Beach woman said the subject, a 20-year-old woman, moved out of her home of her own free will, and the landlord changed the locks. The subject left one item in the house and called the victim numerous times in a threatening manner wanting to retrieve it, and the victim was unable to meet her there due to her work schedule. The police officer listened to a message on the victim's phone in which the subject stated she would damage the victim's personal belongings. The victim was referred to a magistrate.

Creating public nuisance | On June 4, a Myrtle Beach woman said her neighbor's dog got loose and damaged her garden. The neighbor said his dog did not get loose. He was cited for creating a public nuisance.

Shoplifting | On June 4 in a Myrtle Beach business, two youths were observed taking fishing lures out of packages and putting them in their pockets. An employee stopped subject one, but subject two got away. He soon returned with subject one's mother, who had custody of him while he was in Myrtle Beach, and admitted to also stealing other items. Both were arrested and released to subject one's mother.

Threatening phone calls | On June 4, a Myrtle Beach woman said an 18-year-old female was calling and threatening her, and the victim was fearful. The caller said, ``You want the car back? I’ll drive the car through your apartment and set it on fire and kidnap your dog.''

Possession of stolen property/recovered stolen property | On June 4 in Myrtle Beach, a man who was under investigation for theft was seen exiting his vehicle at his residence. In the back of the vehicle, in plain view, was a speaker box with a Memphis car audio speaker and other audio equipment. After being Mirandized, the man said he stole some of the items.