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Safari Golf

The scene | For an old-school approach to mini-golf, relying on plain, red brick-lined greens and jungle-theme sculptures interspersed, Safari Golf makes simplicity look sweet.

Granted, the frills are few, but the front 18-hole course, on the corner of South Kings Highway, brings lots of bounces and rolls in a compact setting through which blazing won't be a breeze.

Palmetto trees are plentiful to lean on while waiting for others to finish their rounds, and figures such as a gorilla, giraffe, zebra and African elephant might help young children feel like they're shooting around a real safari on a hot summer night.

This course, without any major elevations, might be a great starter place to introduce youngsters to mini-golf.

Price | Bargainwise, this might be the best in town, too. Prices for ages 3 and older are $4 a game, and just $1 more for the back course.