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Adventure Falls Golf

The scene | Choose from the Animal and Castle 18-hole courses, which each bring challenges and several bridges to cross and climbs to make.

Don't expect flat, easy, straight fairways, either, for the curves in each hole add to this complex's creativity, blending lovely landscaping with several waterfalls. The Animal course, anchored by a big red octopus sculpture, even takes players through an L-shaped cave that requires strategic banking for a hole-in-one.

Things also look up on the 18th hole, but only in a physical sense, for this uphill battle looks almost impossible to sink in just one stroke. Do it, and land a free game.

Price | Prices for ages 5 and older are $8 per game, or $10.50 for both courses. (Clip page 118 of the Monster Coupon Book for $1 off the first game.)