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Tribal Island Tiki Adventure Golf

The scene | Tribal Island offers two course choices, one through Tiki Bay and one through Volcano Valley. We picked the volcano course, as it took you through some interesting looking caves.

The caves didn't turn out to be all that great, and there weren't any tricks to the holes. One hole required you to aim for the hole through an opening in a rock, but a seam in the astroturf prevented the ball from going straight through for a hole in one. None of the holes was all that challenging, most were finished in two strokes.

Mini-golfers just out for a good time or with children would probably enjoy this place more than we did.

Our favorite part was watching the guys on the driving range hitting golf balls from the top of the volcano.

Price | Prices for adults are around $8 a person._ Mary Erskine, The Sun News