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Looking for Rudy

Nancy Linkel was in Myrtle Beach for a vacation, but when she heard the Republicans were having a presidential debate, she extended her trip a week just to be here.

Her hope: To catch a glimpse of her presidential favorite, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City.

The crowds across the street from the Myrtle Beach Convention Center had already begun to thin as Linkel, hanging over a guard rail with a Rudy sign in hand, waited near the entrance, hoping to see Giuliani enter the building.

"You never see him on T.V. lately because he has not been in the state," said Linkel, a retired school teacher from Sanford, N.C., at about 7 p.m. "I've been here twice today."

Linkel said she liked Giuliani's strong stance against terrorism and his support for the Iraq war.

"I like most everything about him," she said. "He's well-experienced and knows how to manage things."