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In Myrtle Beach, but not for the debate

John Sevier came to Myrtle Beach from Cary, N.C. on Thursday for a relaxing day with his daughter, Ashley. The father-daughter duo had no idea that Republican presidential candidates were descending on the city.

They meandered briefly in front of the sand sculptures of the candidates, located outside the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, where the debates will be taking place. They also stared curiously at a blimp commissioned by candidate Ron Paul as it made laps around the center.

"We thought it was trying to land, but it looks like its going up again," said Sevier, 61, after taking some photos of the blimp. "Leave it to Ron Paul to think to think of something unusual."

Sevier said he does not follow politics very closely, but that he will probably be voted for a Democrat. Their plan for the evening? Finding a restaurant.

"It was like a two-minute deal," Sevier said of their experience outside of the convention center, which was already packed with political rallies hours before the debates will begin.