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Interest groups try to get message out

Groups representing various national issues have started coming into town, hoping to get in front of cameras or show candidates the extent of support for their issue.

The head of the Travel Industry Association said his group had “aggressively” tried to get Fox News to ask a travel-related question during the debate.

TIA Executive Director Roger Dow, who spoke to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce in November, pointed to an October survey that said half of likely S.C. primary voters thought the federal government could do more to improve the efficiency of the system, and more than a third of likely Republican voters said the issue could affect their vote.

“We're just trying to say hey look candidates you're not the only ones who have tight schedules to keep,” Dow said.

Dow, Myrtle Beach chamber president Brad Dean and Chad Prosser, the director of the S.C. Parks, Recreation and Tourism department will filter through the convention center today to try to get their issue on the radar screen of the media covering the debate.

The FairTax group, which advocates for overhauling the national tax system, will host a rally and march today. The group's bus will roll into town today from Ames, Iowa, said Steve Leroy, an event producer with FairTax.

Vans with the national nonprofit group Americans for Balanced Energy Choices began driving around town, handing out fliers, fact sheets and T-shirts, and trying to get the public to ask the candidates questions about the future of energy.

Also, this morning, a group from Every Child Matters tried to set up by the sandcastle, but they were asked to move on.