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FOX News arrives in Myrtle Beach

Their plane was delayed about 30 minutes, but the FOX News team that will be broadcasting the presidential debate on Thursday arrived at Myrtle Beach International Airport aboard a chartered flight operated by Myrtle Beach Direct Air from Manchester, N.H.

Carl Cameron, FOX News' chief political correspondent, was the first person into the baggage claim area. He and about the 40 other people on the plane were greeted by a slew of cameras from local T.V. stations and food and refreshments provided by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Also on the flight were Brit Hume, who anchors a political show on FOX, and Chris Wallace, who will be moderating the debate on Thursday night.

Moments before the plane arrived, Tim Harvey of Gray Line Tours, the company that will be providing the FOX News team's transportation for the next few days, said he did not know who was going to be on the plane.

"We were told to be there, and to put out the best Myrtle Beach has to offer," said Harvey, who was holding a sign welcoming FOX News to the city. "It's our time to shine."

Marilyn Carstensen, a volunteer with the chamber of commerce, was handing out brownies and bottled water to the passengers. She and her husband Jerry said they both enjoyed talking with everyone from the FOX News team, whether they were famous or not.

"I was impressed that they had to get their own baggage off the bay," said Carstensen, from St. James, M.N. "No one is getting their stuff for them."