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Boyfriend says her butt's too big


of the Black Eyed Peas

Q: My new boyfriend thinks my butt's too big and has hinted around that I should lose some weight. Should I dump him?

A: I personally love women with big assets, everything included. Your man needs to appreciate you for what you have on the outside as well as the inside. Looks are not everything but some features are important to me like a big smile, eyes and warm heart. I can't imagine someone being ''bootylicious'' and questioning if that is a horrible thing! Obviously, stay healthy and keep in shape -- but don't lose one of your best qualities.

Fun Fact: Will.I.AM is tres adorable and a perfect gentleman and would definitely make our list of The 20 People Dead or Alive You'd Want to Have at Your Next Dinner Party. (Yes, we do think of things like this and yes, we definitely have too much time on our hands.)

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