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He's a rocker wannabe, but doesn't know score

Dear Advice Diva:

After years of me disappointing my family by never sticking with a job or getting a real career, I have realized that it all comes down to the fact that I want to be famous. I know that I have a good voice. The only thing is that I have a slight problem expressing it. I know I have a lot of things going for myself, but I need to get on the right path. How can I can boost my self-esteem and get started?

Mr. Natural Born Rock Star

Dear Natural Born:

Here's the paradox: You can't be a rock star unless you have confidence, and you can't have confidence (as opposed to arrogance) unless you have experience; right now you have neither.

This is provided you have the talent, genes and perseverance to shine above the 20 kabillion other lost souls who dream of stardom while engaging in challenge-free employment. You gotta get off your heinie and see if you've got what it takes.

You'll need: A voice coach, a personal trainer to give you a daily fitness routine (for discipline, focus and energy), a healthy diet, the prerequisite ratty T-shirts and jeans, and a good haircut. And read everything you can about the music industry. Get manic, consumed, obsessed with your goal -- a half-assed effort will yield half-assed results.

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