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There's more than one slippery slope

Dear Advice Diva:

I have decided to take a risk and go on a mini vacation with my new guy. Nothing big -- just a short weekend in Vail to do some first-time skiing. I've always wanted to learn (mainly to conquer my fear of heights) and he is an expert skier. The only thing is, I haven't even seen snow and obviously don't have any skiing outfits. I want to look hot for him, but I'm not too sure what the essentials are for a weekend in the mountains. I want to look like the snow bunnies I have always seen in magazines!

Fashion Emergency

Dear Fashion Emergency: For a weekend ski trip, all you need is one or two basic ski outfits with great sunglasses and headbands, plus your apres-ski looks for fireplace lounging at the lodge, of course. Ask your girlfriends who are your size if they have any you can borrow (bring back a cute faux-fur ski headband from one of the shops in Vail's village as a thank-you), or Google designer ski clothing rental. Pick up some silk thermal undies from Sports Authority and pack non-slip boots for night. Your apres-ski look can be as simple as leggings, Uggs and an oversized bulky sweater that covers your tush. But if you have a fear of heights -- and take it from someone who once made her ski instructor walk her down an ominous mountain by putting her skis atop his -- stick to the bunny slope (i.e. lessons). Getting a panic attack on the ski lift would be most unglamorous, and you can go at your own pace instead of slowing your guy down. We have found that having a romantic interest teach us to do anything athletic usually ends up in humiliation that haunts us our entire life.


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