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Girly look with big smiles may rev student's social life

Dear Advice Diva:

I am a senior in high school and I have been thinking about my New Year's resolution. Being that it is my last year in high school, I want to do something that would change the way people perceive me and make me stand out more. I've always been looked at as a tough girl because I like sports, have a lot of guy friends, etc. But (maybe because of this) I can't seem to get a guy to ask me out. It would also be cool if the girls in school could give me a chance. How do I get myself noticed and make people realize that I truly am a girly girl? I want this last year to be a memorable one and leave here with no regrets.

S.P. Senior

Dear S.P.:

So what's so wrong about liking sports and having a lot of guy friends? Look at Cameron Diaz -- this formula has worked for her, even if she and Justin Timberlake are currently splitsville. But if you study Cameron's personality, you'll notice a very friendly person who laughs easily and is as comfortable in a sexy dress as she is in a wetsuit, bodysurfing. And she's not trying to prove anything to anyone.

Maybe your first step should be to honor the person you are inside. You say you're a girly girl? So wear a ruffled blouse with your jeans, a very cute look. Get a mani. Think you've been OD-ing on the tough talk? Cut (way) back on the expletives. Befriend a few girls in your classes. It's the little things that will turn the tide a lot faster than drastic makeover plans that are too exhausting to even contemplate.


How about when guys feel the need to wear sunglasses in a club? I have never been in one club where sunglasses were necessary -- if anything it's too dark. I think it makes a man look either insecure or overly confident. Either way, doesn't look good!

Jenny, Tampa

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