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Goth look is cool if it's streamlined

Barbara Hulanicki, fashion icon and founder/designer of Biba, circa 1960s

Q: What's your take on wearing all black and the goth look in general?

A: I love that black is back with the goth trend; it's totally anti-the whole Barbie Doll thing. I especially like black leggings, black stockings and the straight silhouette is simply fantastic. The goth look should be a little streamlined, maybe just black nails and for lips, dark but matte; anything shiny is horrible. I admire a matte face. Women aren't really wearing a matte lip with the goth look yet, but I think it's because they are so used to gunk on their mouths, some dewy substance. Matte is incredibly graphic and that is what goth is all about. Also, strong eyes, clothing that's not too puffy and also pearls -- they were always worn by old ladies, but now they really look great with all that black; they look new. Of course, skull crosses -- they won't go away -- to ward off the vampires. Leggings are not as big here, but of course it is Miami, so you pray for the cold weather. So bring them out when you can; I think leggings look really great with short skirts. Wear them with pumps, wedges or an open toe -- it's more fun with a leopard contrast. As far as skin goes, I'm not a big fan of spray tans; it's a no-no. Why not spray pale? It is more sleek and goddess-like. For hair, it should be sleek, sort of 1980s Robert Palmer. It's a complete reversal of the blond and messy look, like you've thrown on whatever was on the floor.

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