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She's trying to cool down her hot momma

Dear Advice Diva:

I consider my mom to be my best friend, but lately it's been getting a bit annoying. On one hand, it's great to have a young, single mom who I can talk to about girl stuff and men. We have the same taste in men and, honestly, when we go out together we blow the Gastineau Girls out of the water!

We have always hung out together, but as I have gotten older I go out more with a group of my friends or sometimes a date. And that is where the problems start. She seems to be jealous, or at least aggravated, if I don't include her in my plans. She is so used to only hanging out with me, so I understand her feelings. But I need my own life. Also, she constantly flirts with the guys I am around, maybe to show me she hasn't lost her touch, I don't know, but I don't like it.

I want her to be more sociable, find friends, maybe even a boyfriend. It's not healthy the way it is now. How do I explain this to her without breaking her heart and how do I move on?

Distressed Daughter

Dear Distressed:

Having been raised by an arch-conservative mommy who wouldn't let us read Cosmopolitan magazine and would rather drink cat pee than go to a nightclub, the Advice Diva finds your dilemma somewhat amusing. So Mom's hitting on your guy friends and having separation anxiety when you don't include her in your revelry? How reality TV your life is.

If Mom has no other friends, then telling her to go out and find some is going to go over real well. Your fastest ticket to freedom is to get her in the dating scene by introducing her to some bored man-child of legal age. As for her chronic flirting, establish rules as to what guys are off-limits. It's doubtful that you can expect more than this.


I think the pirate look was great on Johnny Depp in the movies, but when normal-looking guys, who usually wear Polo, wear skull-and-cross bone paraphernalia it looks too gimmicky, like they are following a fad. I even saw someone with skull workout gloves at the gym -- now, that's just ridiculous.

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