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Artist needs to tap inner strengths

Yoko Ono, artist

Q: How does one become a true artist?

Y.O.: By the fact that you want to be one. I believe that anyone who wants to be an artist can be an artist. It all depends on your outlook on life and about yourself.

You have to know that you have in you all the possibilities that you want. You realize the possibilities by saying to yourself that you are an artist. Start from there and if you do not want to believe that, then why should anyone else believe in you? I always think rejection is temporary. You have a long life and the world is going to go on and on anyway, so you don't have to be in a rush. Don't be too impatient; life is very, very long. Realize that now as we speak, and all of a sudden things will happen; good things will come true and the right things will happen. You will get a lot of blessings and sometimes you don't realize that they are blessings, because they often come in disguise. You are a person with big power and that power has to come out.

By letting it come out, you are actually doing a favor for yourself, the world and the universe.

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