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Only one cure for this hangover

Dear Advice Diva:

When I started my dream job about three months ago I was super-excited to hear there would be a company holiday party, which would give me the opportunity to meet clients and get to know the top brass at the office. Well, at the party I had one too many glasses of punch and ended up going home with another employee. (I know.)

I'm not sure if it was my hangover talking, but the next morning I just stormed out of his apartment. Now, not only is it uncomfortable being the new girl but now possibly being labeled the office drunk/slut. I don't know if I'm being paranoid or if he really did tell everyone. No one has said anything to me.

What should I do? Ask him if he told anyone? If he didn't, should I ask him to keep our secret? Right now we just give our awkward hellos and that's it. Did I ruin my future at my company? Maybe I should pretend like nothing ever happened.

One Night Stand Annie

Dear Annie:

To paraphrase the great comedian Phyllis Diller, what sucks about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day. And, on a number of levels, that is what you should be doing. You can pretend like nothing happened, but we'll bet the news of your drunken tryst has been instant-messaged around your company; a juicy piece of bona fide gossip is just too tempting.

Say nothing. Continue with the polite hellos. And, in what should be a life lesson emblazoned on a needlepoint pillow: Don't Go Near the Punch. Ever. It's a lethal brew that will have you slurring after one cup. Better, a soft drink so you can have the upper hand while everyone else is getting sloshed.


What is up with all these women wearing big scrunchy socks over leggings with pumps, paired with their oversized holiday sweaters (white fuzzy turtlenecks, for instance)? Even if you're 15, it still doesn't work.

Sheryl, Pembroke Pines

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