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Time to shuck jealous, clingy boyfriend

Dear Advice Diva:

My boyfriend and I started dating about six months ago and in the beginning of our relationship we enjoyed spending every second together. Now, I am getting sick of being so tied down and he isn't. All I want to do is go out and party with my girlfriends on the weekends and every time I tell him I have plans, he freaks out. He always picks a fight and becomes convinced that I am going to cheat on him. I try to reassure him that it is strictly a girls' night out, but he doesn't buy it. I even encourage him to go out with his guy friends but he is stuck to my hip. Although I can't live with such a jealous boyfriend, I don't want to break up with him. How can I make him trust me?

Breaking Free in Tampa

Dear Breaking Free:

Oooh, this is sounding very Lifetime movie-in-the-making to us. We agree with you -- we don't do clingy men, especially passive-aggressive clingy men who create dramatic showdowns, ruin our day, challenge our immune systems and never follow up with a commensurate make-up gift (which should be in proportion to the grief they caused).

You can't make him trust you, just as you can't make him be secure and give him self-esteem. But you can cut your losses and get unstuck before you need to file a restraining order.

Unfortunate Fashion

I don't understand how someone can spend so much money on an outfit or dress but will not take the time to iron it. Wrinkles can make any garment look cheap and sloppy, as if you just rolled out of bed. That just shows that you don't take pride in your belongings or your overall appearance.

M.L., Boca Raton

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