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A louse -- lazy, too

Dear Advice Diva:

My boyfriend moved in with me about seven years ago and he hasn't been much help around the house. He hardly ever holds a job for long and his favorite pastime is sitting around the house, criticizing how I ''should do this'' and how I ``should have done that.''

I've been pretty sick of him and the life that we've created together (or lack of one) for several years. He hates going out and when we do at all, it has to be done his way. When he throws a tantrum and offers to leave, I can't find the courage to agree and finish it off. Am I co-dependent (even though he does nothing for me)? How can I break out of this relationship?

Fed Up in L.A.

Dear Fed Up:

Yes, you may be co-dependent (he is providing a warm albeit useless body, to spare you from being alone), but more than anything, you are afraid. Petrified, in fact. How else to explain squandering your precious years with a man who clearly doesn't love or value you and, for that matter, himself?

Girlfriend, we want to grab you and shake some sense into that clouded little head of yours. But, you know what -- it wouldn't do any good. When you finally tire of living life with your eyes wide shut, you can have that fantasy life you escape to, for real. It's all a matter of how badly you want it.

Unfortunate Fashion

Fake handbags, sunglasses, etc. that are clearly not authentic. It just doesn't make sense to spend that kind of money when you can purchase an item for the same price, without the fake logo or monogram, and it will look so much classier.

Chantal Rosen, Miami

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