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Feeling old at 30, she wants a jump-start

Nora Ephron, essayist, novelist, screenwriter and director; author of I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman

Q: I'm 30, but already feel like an old lady. I'm seriously considering giving myself a full makeover for my 31st birthday, but my budget only allows one major procedure/treatment. Should I do the derm (injections and peels), Lasik (I can't even text on my Sidekick) or the surgeon? (I don't know what's worse, a double chin or dimpled thighs). HELP!

NE: You are a perfect example of one of the most alarming trends in America: Thirty is the new 40. You are too young to do anything drastic, and before you do -- since you aren't going to listen to me anyway -- go out and get an expensive haircut, lose five pounds and have your teeth whitened. Then decide if you want to do anything else. Meanwhile, you still have most of your money.

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