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Playing second fiddle works

Dear Advice Diva:

I am 22 and live in Miami. I have a friend who is gay and extremely handsome and charming. The problem: Living in such an open-minded city, you often find that some people ''go both ways.'' Unfortunately, that seems to work against me. Often, when we go out and I meet a man that interests me, my friend will begin chatting them up. By the end of the night, the guy who I was expecting to ask for my number asks for his instead! What should I do?

He's Killing My Ego

Dear He's Killing My Ego:

Darling, if your just-met bar crush gives his number to your gay confidante instead of you, he's clearly a member of the other team and you've just been saved countless days/ months/years of real ego-killing drama. Consider it a blessing.

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