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Picky boss may be trying to make her quit

Dear Advice Diva:

It may just be my imagination but I think my boss is trying to sabotage me. The thing is, he is only a few years older than I am. (I know, that sucks.) He is always questioning my judgment and embarrassing me in front of coworkers. Do I bring it up to him and risk making matters even worse or do I just shut up and hope it will get better?

Hate My Boss, N.J.

Dear Hate My Boss: The Advice Diva always believes in standing one's ground. But that doesn't mean you have to confront Boss Man like a raving lunatic. No whining, no accusations and, heaven forbid, no emotional outbursts (getting teary-eyed will only make you seem unstable).

It's very much about honoring yourself. Why stay at a job where you feel like you're being mistreated? Your boss may well be out to get you and is undermining you so that you will quit. But get your backup plan first; we're sure there are plenty of jobs where you would shine and not be abused. Go find them and start interviewing. Then have the proper conversation with your boss and judging from the outcome, make a move or stay.

Unfortunate Fashion

I hate it when girls and now even guys wear these tight jeans that have these big pockets on the butt, making their butts look like they're wearing little purses. I just don't get it.

V., Sunny Isles

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