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A man stole beer. Then someone stole his Jeep.

A man was arrested Sunday morning after he allegedly stole two cases of beer and was caught a few hours later when he reported his vehicle stolen, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Michael Hoops, 36, was arrested in connection with shoplifting after he allegedly walked out of the Circle K located near 3rd Avenue South without paying for two cases of Bud Light beer, according to the report.

A witness at the Circle K told officers that Hoops had left the gas station driving a white Jeep Compass, the report says.

Police then responded around 9:30 a.m. to the Dollar Tree located near Seaboard Street in reference to a stolen vehicle, according to an additional Myrtle Beach police report.

Hoops told officers he drove to Dollar Tree with a man and a woman, and that he went inside the store with the man while the woman stayed inside the car, the report states.

Hoops then claimed that when they came out of the store, the man pointed a gun at him and said “there will not be any problems if you cooperate.” The man and the woman then allegedly drove off in Hoops’ 2007 white Jeep Compass, according to the report.

One of the officers who responded to the shoplifting incident that occurred about two hours prior, also happened to respond to the stolen vehicle incident. After the officer spoke to Hoops, he determined he was the same suspect he saw in the surveillance video from the Circle K, police said.

When the officer told Hoops he was being arrested for shoplifting, Hoops said he didn’t steal anything from the Dollar Tree, the officer said.

When the officer clarified to Hoops that the shoplifting was from earlier at the Circle K, Hoops said “okay, that one I did,” the report says.

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