Who sang the National Anthem better: Whitney Houston or Lady Gaga?


The Star-Spangled Banner before sporting events has become such a beautiful sign of respect and reflection. It forces us fans to stop and realize that the entertainment we are about to enjoy can be enjoyed safely thanks to the unselfish acts of our servicemen.

Singing the anthem is a great honor that can make, or sometimes break, an artist or celebrity. Remember Roseanne?

So when the news came that Lady Gaga, yes the celebrity who once wore a meat dress, was being asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner live on the biggest sports platform in the world, some of us cringed. What will this woman, who has been out of the spotlight for a while now, do to get back in the spotlight? What she did was do what her diehard fans know her best for — sang her heart out.

Anytime the National Anthem is sung like that, is sparks the question: Who did it better, Gaga or Whitney Houston, circa 1991?

Lady Gaga was better

Those of us who have been through the “freak show” Gaga, the controversial Gaga and the meat dress Gaga knew Lady Gaga has a beautiful voice. What helped with the magic of her singing the Natuional Anthem before Super Bowl 50 was the surprise many had when hearing her belt the song out. That was the Lady Gaga us true fans know. That was live music and not some pre-recorded Whitney Houston spectacle.

Gaga’s rendition was raw and beautiful. She wowed fabs, earned the respect of new fans and will go down as one of the greatest singers of the National Anthem.

Whitney Houston was better

There is no beating Whitney Houston. Her rendition set the bar as the most beautiful rendition of the National Anthem of any broadcases sports game. Sure, we were at the tail end of the Persian Gulf War when Whitney sang her version and many of us were extra patriotic at that time. But the way her voice, whether pre-recorded or not, belted out the anthem, still sends chills down my back.

When God created vocal cords and singing voices, he spent a little extra time with Whitney Houston and she gave us a great listen to that gift in 1991 in the best rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner ever broadcasted.