Open/Shut Case | ‘Chemist’ set to experiment with unique dining experience

  • ▪  The Chemist opened mid-September to much excitement and celebration. The newest addition in downtown Myrtle Beach had been the source of plenty of speculation in the weeks leading up to its completion, and the new bar has not let down its customers.

The Chemist is the sister restaurant to the popular ART Burger*Sushi*Bar located about a block away. A similar theme returns to The Chemist, where the owner and his creative team explore different possibilities in making the modern dining experience as unique as possible.

Although owned by the same entrepreneur, The Chemist will still be different from ART, with the only shared technique between the two restaurants being the popular liquid nitrogen cocktails. Other than that, The Chemist plans to experiment.

The main focus will of course be the bar and all the imaginative cocktails the artists behind the counter can come up with, but that doesn’t mean The Chemist will be shirking its food. Fresh is the word of the day with this new team, so from the drinks to the dishes, they hope to bring only the best to set in front of their customers.

Given the success of ART, fans have high expectations for The Chemist. With their hard working ethics and creative style, it’s easy to imagine those expectations being met. Located on 9th Avenue North, The Chemist is looking forward to serving new concoctions. Hopefully soon they will have an online presence so potential customers can get a feel for what they’re in for. But ultimately, The Chemist is all about expecting the unexpected.

▪  Broadway at the Beach is being hit again, this time by saying goodbye to Carlos’n Charlie’s by the end of the month. The popular restaurant reached its five-year lease yet instead of renewing it, Burroughs and Chapin Co. have requested the property to be returned. By day, Carlos’n Charlie’s was a fun and casual dining experience where friends and families could enjoy Mexican cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. By night, the restaurant came alive with loud music and enthusiastic dancing coupled with great drinks. The club could also be reserved for celebrations, such as birthdays or quinceañeras.

This is the third big change to happen in the area within the recent weeks, the first being the closure of Planet Hollywood which was followed by the end of MagiQuest. From the rumors floating around, the alterations for Broadway might not end there. Unfortunately, it seems that the popular nightclub ambience may be what is causing some of the shuffle at Broadway.

Burroughs and Chapin hasn’t released an official statement, but many people involved in the restaurant businesses are concerned that the tourist destination is being changed to become even more “family friendly.” Broadway has always been considered to be an extraordinarily family friendly place while simultaneously keeping a fantastic nightlife for adults.

If other nightlife restaurants in Celebrity Square will face the same changes remains to be seen. Although Carlos’n Charlie’s will be shutting their doors after Halloween, Senor Frogs, which is owned by the same company, will remain. Many of the Carlos employees will move there. There is no news of what will replace the Mexican restaurant after its closure.