Surf’s up for this Myrtle Beach barkeep

BARTENDER | Bryce Algeo, 22

WHERE | Flaming Asian Bistro

Have you been in the ocean water yet this year? Yes. I've been a couple times. The water feels so nice this time of year.

Do you swim, surf, paddle board, boogie board, or just hit the water to relieve yourself because there are no bathrooms nearby? All of the above.

Is it harder to learn to surf or paddle board? I started surfing first, so paddle boarding was pretty easy.

Which would be harder to give up? Surfing.

Can you sweat underwater? Probably.

What do you think about the tent bans on the beach? It doesn't really affect me much, but I think it's kinda dumb. It's just a big umbrella.

Have you ever pitched a tent and camped on a beach? Yeah. Morris Island in Charleston. One 4th of July we rented a bunch of kayaks and camped out there.

Is it more difficult to put up a camping tent or assemble furniture from Ikea? I don't know - I've never set up furniture from Ikea, but setting up a tent is easy.

Is it more difficult to put up a camping tent or unhook a bra strap? Probably a camping tent... it takes longer, at least.

Why is camping on sand better than camping in the woods? It's a softer surface and you're not sleeping on roots and twigs.

What's the best way to get sand out of your board shorts? Jump in the shower.

What food is so delicious you would eat it even if it's covered in sand? Probably pizza.

- Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge