Myrtle Beach bartender likes it hot and spicy

BARTENDER | Allison Simonetta, 36

WHERE | Nacho Hippo Cantina

Do you wear a sombrero on special occasions? No, but I will.

What could you store in the brim of your sombrero? Sriracha hot sauce.

Do you use Sriracha in any drinks? Occasionally, on special request, in a spicy mango margarita.

Describe an event where a feathered hat would be appropriate to wear. Mondays. Any Monday sounds good to me.

How about a turtle skin hat? Clubbing nights.

When is the last time you wore a beanie hat? Never.

When's the last time you Facebook stalked someone? This past weekend.

When's the last time you Facebook stalked someone wearing a beanie hat? That would be definitely never.

Name three things that can be eaten with nachos. Queso, jalepenos and beer.

Name three things that should never be eaten with nachos. I don't think there's anything I wouldn't put on nachos.

Have you ever taken part in a nacho-stomping contest? No, but I wish I had. Sounds awesome.

Stomping grapes creates wine... what does stomping nachos create? Tortilla soup.

What do nachos and hippos have in common? Absolutely nothing.

- Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge