From Russia, with love for this Myrtle Beach bartender

BARTENDER | Regina Vakhitova, 22

WHERE | Carlos 'n Charlie's

How many people mispronounce your last name? Everybody.

Columbus, Ohio, was ranked the most intelligent city in America... which city do you think should rank as least intelligent? Probably Myrtle Beach.

How do Americans rank in intelligence to Russians? It's the same. It's not about the nationality. It's about the person.

What TV show do you think people watch that lowers their IQs the most? “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Does what happens in Myrtle Beach stay in Myrtle Beach - or does it get broadcast all over the Internet? If you're lucky it's going to stay in Myrtle Beach. But yes, usually it does stay in Myrtle Beach.

What's been your most memorable moment since you moved here four years ago? Everything has been memorable.

What's the best part about living in Myrtle Beach? The best thing about living here is you get to live and work in a resort town, so you get to live and party while still making money.

What do you miss most about Russia? The snow.

What do you like about snow? It's white and cold. And it sets up holiday spirit.

Do all Russians drink Russian vodka? No.

Do you? No.

Do you plan on staying here or moving back to Russia? Right now I'm thinking about moving back home.

What will you miss most about Myrtle Beach? The party people.

- Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge