Myrtle Beach resort bartender has Hollywood in his sights

BARTENDER | Ronald Dean Simmons II, 40

WHERE | Kahunas Beach Bar and 15th Floor Lounge at the Bluewater Resort

What's the best part about working at a resort bar?

Hands down the people...being able to have the chance to meet such interesting people from all over the United States and world. People have left their regular life and most are ready to tell you secrets and loosen up and enjoy their hard work, and now it's time to relax.

Do tourists even need a drink to lower their inhibitions, or are they ready to cut loose and get crazy as soon as they get to the beach?

I always love to see a tourist have one and loosen up and start dancing. Nothing is more freeing than a good dance.

What's one of the wildest things you've seen a tourist do?

We have a drink named the Electric Watermelon and we had a family reunion in town from Tennessee and he told the whole family they could drink on him if they ordered Electric Watermelon drinks. He ran a bill for almost $400 on that drink alone. I think that was kind of wild...without saying they were all having a rip roaring time.

You said you do some acting...What's the most well-known movie or show that you've snagged a part?

I am a bit actor and the best part I have gotten so far is “Secrets and Lies” with Juliet Lewis. I worked eleven days on the pilot..and am very proud to have been a part of it. It will be a series on ABC. We just shot the pilot in Wilmington (N.C.). I play a news tech for a local channel. It is a crime drama about a four-year-old boy who is found dead and everybody is suspect. I have worked as an actor for more than nine major productions over the past year or so. I have lots of gumption for the camera and nothing is going to slow me down. Being on a movie set is an education in itself and I soak it up like a sponge.

What was it like to have a spot on the Myrtle Beach episode of “Hotel Impossible” on the Travel Channel?

“Hotel Impossible” was so much fun and I was able to see how a reality-type show does what they do and all the hard work that goes into a show.

How do you think the hotel will fare in the future?

I think the hotel will do fine with the face lift and professional insight that Anthony put into his rescue.

Who is your idol?

My idol is Tom Hanks. He is always bringing us something new and great. He is a man of great class. I would love to be his stand-in. Everyone is always telling me how much I look look him.

If you could go back in time and snag the part of any character in any movie or show, who would you be?

If I could go back and play any role it would be Forest Gump.

Fortune or fame? Would you rather be a very famous actor with no money or a rich nobody?

I would rather be a good actor who is broke than a rich nobody any day. No one wants to be a rich nobody.

Mandy Rodgers, for Weekly Surge