Say What? for May 8, 2014

Mark “Fletch” Fletcher is Not Alone

Dear Kent,

My family and I were moved by your article about Mark’s hardships and loneliness endured in Myrtle Beach (last week’s cover story, (“Escape from Myrtle Beach).

We are former military dependents who arrived here in ‘84 after my military father retired at the air base at that time. My mother, my sister and I can relate easily to his dilemma. This is a very lonely place. I am 48, never married and have no children. The very few friends I have are married with kids, with their own lives. I have reconnected with childhood friends through Facebook, from places I have lived in past. They contact me much more often than local “friends.”

In 1992 my sister and I “escaped” to Aurora, Colo. for 6 months. We absolutely loved it! We made more friends, real friends in our time there, than the 8 years we had lived on the Grand Strand. If not for my sister’s work injury which crippled our finances, we would probably still be there. We thought things would be different upon return (to Myrtle Beach) but they have not. It is too slow and these people have their own circles of friends.

My itchy feet led me to over the road trucking for some years. I had some great moments - I saw all 48 (continental) states, met new people but time away from family weighed on me and I gave it up. My family and I really hope a miracle from God will finally get us out of here for good, to go somewhere to be happy not down. I have a feeling if Mark doesn’t let a woman steal his heart too soon and break it, his move to Iowa should work out. Please pass on to him, there are others who have walked in his shoes and best of luck to him. God bless!

- Frank Washington