How to support National Give Out Day in Myrtle Beach

It’s time to give it up...for a good cause

It’s time to give it up. And not in that typical weekend way that tends to happen after too many tequila shots at one of our local bars. Next Thursday, May 15, is National Give Out Day. This is the day that the LGBTQ community comes together to raise money for our own organizations. If you missed the inaugural event last year, don’t worry. This year you can absolve yourself by giving even more to support your favorite cause in the gay community.

This is the chance for everyone in the LGBTQ community and our allies to show our collective commitment to a better world by supporting whatever cause we believe in. We are quickly seeing that almost anything is possible when people work together for a community, a nation and a world that extends equality to all of its citizens. It doesn’t matter if your focus is on policy changes, family issues or the arts, National Give Out Day 2014 will connect you with a cause that should inspire you to give.

If you’re into celebrating all of the other big LGBTQ holidays, such as Pride in June, National Coming Out Day in October or Crazy Britney week in .. who the hell am I kidding? That one is year-round. This is the perfect way to kick off your summer and start your celebration early. This is only the second year for this event so you can still be included in the group of people who will be able to say “I was a part of this in the beginning.”

Our local event will be held from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. May 15 at Ocean 17 on Restaurant Row in Myrtle Beach. It is sponsored by our local First Friday Happy Hour – Takeover Grand Strand group, and hosted by Myrtle Beach’s reigning Kings of Accounting and Cocktails, Steve Gamble and Terry Livingston. You can probably even get a bit of advice on your tax write-off for that huge gift you’re already planning. So don’t worry about not knowing anyone. All of your friends are already making plans to attend. Think of it as a bonus drinking opportunity before next month’s regular event on June 6. Except in this case, you’re actually drinking for a good cause. It’s almost socially irresponsible not to participate. I don’t know how we can make it any easier for you.

Oh wait, maybe there is an easier way.

Let’s say for the sake of argument you can’t attend because, I don’t know, you live too far away to make the drive or your boss won’t unlock the door to your cell or cage or cubicle until the event is already over. We have a solution for that as well. SC Equality Coalition, our state political advocacy organization, has set up a donation link on its Web site to allow you to schedule your gift from anywhere you choose. I plan to make my donation during the next teleconference at work. I normally work on my manicure during these conference calls but this is a special occasion and we all need to make sacrifices. If you want to donate online, please visit

You can give now and schedule your donation for May 15.

SC Equality, as you probably know, is quite involved in the political process in our state as well as our nation. This year, a key part of the organization’s focus is on the mid-term elections. Proceeds will fund SC Equality’s education and outreach efforts in South Carolina as the group works to change hearts and minds in support of equality as well as empowering LGBTQ people through the Know Your Rights initiative.

Also, since I am rarely one to take aim at the conservative political freak show we tend to produce in our fair state, I will gently remind you that Governor Nikki (I locked myself out of the mansion) Haley, Sen. Lindsey (It started with Benghazi) Graham and former Governor and once again member of the House of Representatives, Mark (Up your Appalachian Trail) Sanford are just a few of the shining South Carolina stars up for reelection this year. It would be nice to elect people this year who do not require an intelligence disclaimer every time they are introduced.

There are also many other organizations connected to National Give Out Day. Among these are the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center, We Are Family and Sean’s Last Wish. Whatever your passionate cause may be, this is the day to support it. If you don’t have one, this is the day to find one.

For all of the freedoms we enjoy, each one is due to the giving and diligence of others who worked for equality and compassion. For us, the process is relatively simple. Logging on and donating or showing up for a meet-and-greet happy hour are pretty much at the concierge level when it comes to changing your world. Take advantage of it this year. It’s a luxury built on the investments of others.

Out & About

Saturday, May 10 – CareTeam will host a Know Your Status Night: Free and Private HIV testing event. Get tested and receive a free drink and a $10 gift card. The event is at County Line Lounge, 22288 Choppee Road, Hemingway from 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. For additional information, see the CareTeam Facebook page at

Wednesday, May 14 - Prime Timers Myrtle Beach hosts its May Dinner Out event at 6 p.m. at Abuelo’s located at 740 Coastal Grand Circle, Myrtle Beach. For more information about this event and Prime Timers of Myrtle Beach, visit

Saturday, May 17 – Takeover Florence, the Pee Dee area Happy Hour event will host another get-together at Grotto Fine Wine starting at 6:30pm. Local singer/songwriter, Stephanie Fagan, will perform. Grotto Fine Wine is located at 1749 S Irby St., Florence, South Carolina. For additional information: