Eco-friendly flushes

The average toilet can run efficiently for about 20 years, and if you haven't purchased a new one in awhile the odds are your toilet is a 3.5 gallon flush model, or in the worse case scenario as high as a five gallon flush.

Dual flushing toilets can help you go green and also save you some green.

One flush can use a lot of water, especially when you multiply that flush by two or three times a day by several people if you live a big household.

"The joke used to be if you bought a new low consumption toilet you had to have a plunger with it to stop it," says Anthony Jordan, owner of Jordan & Son Plumbing in Myrtle Beach and Florence.

With newer higher performance models, that is not the case. Many toilets are now designed to flush effectively with much less water.

"Newer models are much more modern than the older styles, they take up less space through the same performance," says Jordan.

Jordan says most of the popular toilet brands sell dual flushing toilets with distinctive features, but they all have one common goal.

"You can have a choice between two buttons, one and the two. One is one gallon flush and the other is a 1.6 gallon flush. Depending on the product that goes in the toilet depends on which button you push," he says.

Dual flushing toilets also run more efficiently than standard models.

"Do not pollute the water. It's very important to protect our water resources," says Fred Richardson, Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority Chief Executive Officer

"It's easier for city municipalities to break down the sewage to make it where they can to distribute it to rivers and lakes," Richardson says.

Dual flushing toilets cost a little more money, but they have a much quicker payback.

Dual flushing toilets are gaining popularity, but they've only been in the U.S. for about two years.

"This is the future. This it's going to save people money, it's going to save the environment," says Richardson.