Not your average grocery store

Reduce, reuse, recycle, that's the store motto at Discount Groceries and More in Pawleys Island.

"People will start picking things up and saying 'oh my goodness, do you know what I paid for this in the store?'" says Marti Purcell, Co-Owner of Discount Groceries and More.

Merchandise that isn't necessarily perfect on the outside comes off the shelves of chain stores and on to Purcell's shelves.

"It would be great if it was all donated, if all of the big chains donated this to different organizations, I'd be thrilled. But since they're not, we'd rather purchase it and resell it for a good price. If we didn't have to pay rent, we could just about give it away, that's what I say," Purcell says.

Purcell says often times stores throw these products away. This also happens to expired items.

"Just because the can says expires 'December 2010' doesn't mean the food is smart enough to go bad on January 2011," she says.

To eliminate waste, customers take their purchases home in the cardboard boxes the merchandise arrives at the store in.

"We do give a 20-cent discount for every reusable bag that you bring in and pack your purchases into," says Purcell.

The store even encourages customers to bring in recyclable items such as batteries and plastic bottle caps

"We bring them in to her. I've done this two or three times already and they take care of it for us. I think it's a great thing to do," says Anita Black, a resident of Pawleys Island.

"I'm collecting the bottle caps from Marti who is working as a depot for me and I will take the bottle caps to Charleston to a processing plant there," says Goffinet McLaren, Founder of Be Plastic Bag Free.

It's all about helping customers go green and save money on necessities.

"It's just a win-win situation really," says Purcell.