Going green starts early for local kids

Elementary students at Teach My People After School Program in Pawleys Island understand why they recycle.

"It helps God's earth," says Tanisha White, a first grader at Teach My People After School Program.

"We have to recycle it and use it again," says Jamir Johnson, a second grader.

"So we can help our environment and save the trees," says Tyfik James, a fourth grader.

It's all about establishing good habits at a young age.

"Reducing, reusing, and recycling is actually something that's difficult to do. You need to start at a young age to help kids understand the importance of especially reusing," says Kristen Brown, Owner and Creator of My Eco and My Eco Interaction.

Reusing items can include utilizing the same bag every time you go to the grocery store, thus avoiding plastic. Students sold eco-friendly bags as a fundraiser to encourage others to go green, too.

"There's nothing better than your kid saying, 'oh mom you forgot your bag' to make you go back and remember your bag. It helps break that disposable habit," says Brown.

They are also learning hands on what materials are recyclable.

"We collected trash from the ground, we learned things that you could recycle," says James.

"Paper, plastic bottles, and cans," White says.

"We're also saving wood," says Johnson.

These kids are helping to keep their community and the beach litter free.

"The turtles mistake them for jellyfish and they eat them," Johnson says.

The Eco Interaction Program encourages students to pass on what they've learned to friends, family, and neighbors.

"It's this next generation that is going to lead us into the future," says Brown.

"One thing can just be a big change," says Johnson.

Other eco-friendly projects are in the works at the Teach My People After School Program including a garden to serve fresh fruits and vegetables to the students.

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