Plan an eco-friendly wedding

If you're looking for something borrowed or something blue, consider looking for something green, too. Cynthia Powell, a green wedding planner in Myrtle Beach, says more and more people are planning eco-chic and affordable weddings.

Every wedding starts with a ring, a ring that has a story behind it if you go vintage.

"The diamonds are forever. The one thing that changes is the mounting, so if you're looking for an older ring often you're looking for like a filigree style from the 1920s or '30s," says Bryan Wester, Owner of Coast to Coast Antiques in Myrtle Beach.

Next on the list is the dress. The eco-conscious bride opts for a dress made out of organic material such as silk. Or they stick with tradition and wear a vintage dress passed down for generations.

"I have a dress that's an original lace from the 1930s. You can't find a dress anymore as pretty as this," says Diane Dunlap, Overseer of Lady Di's Alterations in Myrtle Beach.

Take advantage of Mother Nature and have the wedding ceremony outside, or better yet on the beach.

"Often they will incorporate into the ceremony some type of reading about nature. If we do the wedding on the beach something about how they love the beach," says Powell.

You can accessorize your venue with organic flowers from a local flower shop. Localize the menu with fresh produce from nearby farmers or fresh seafood caught along the Grand Strand. Guests can go the green route too and give an antique gift.

"There are many fun, creative and beautiful ways to reuse thing," says Powell.

The bride and groom often give environmentally-friendly party favors. Powell says a new popular gift for guests is a bag with the couple's name and wedding date embroidered in the wedding colors. She says it's a great bag to take to the grocery store of the beach. For a one-of-a-kind wedding experience try going eco-friendly, and the bride, groom, and the guests will never forget.