Give your crib a green makeover

When it comes time to redecorate or remodel your home, many people now choose eco-friendly products.

From the paint on the wall to the floor we walk on, there are many options not only good for the environment, but good for your wallet, too.

One way to save energy and decorate your favorite room is by hanging curtains or blinds. They'll help minimize the heat coming in during the warmer months and the heat escaping your home during the winter months. Many curtains and blinds are also made of non-toxic environmentally sustainable materials.

Another eco-friendly way to remodel your home is to switch to CFL light bulbs. They use less energy and last longer than standard ones.

"They realized how much money they were saving so they started to come in. More and more people are also buying different colored lights and they're getting dimmable ones," says Meladie Kolko, Lighting Sales Associate at Home Depot.

Another environmentally-friendly product gaining popularity recently is low VOC (volatile organic compounds) wall paint. It's non-toxic, goes on smoothly, and is odorless. Even the label and the packaging of the paint are made of recyclable materials.

"It's good for families that are painting interior paints and they want a good quality paint that is eco-friendly. This is really the option," says Scott Russo, Paint Associate at Home Depot.

The paints may cost a bit more up front, but they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

You can also go green with hardwood flooring. There are many options made of reclaimed wood and wood alternatives, such as bamboo. Some of the materials last longer than conventional flooring. These are just some of the many green options available to you.

Other green decorating tips to consider:

- Decorate with recycled objects.

- Give old furniture a new look by covering it in new fabric.

- If you're replacing carpet, opt for carpet that is natural or made out of recycled materials.

- Buy used furniture from a consignment store or thrift store.