Myrtle Beach man to appear on premiere of FOX's 'Showtime at the Apollo'

A Myrtle Beach man will be shown performing his most dangerous stunt on the season premiere of FOX's "Showtime at the Apollo," a series hosted by TV personality Steve Harvey.

The show premieres Thursday, March 1 at 9 p.m. and features up-and-coming artists to perform in front of the "toughest audience in the world."

The performers, whose talents range from singing to juggling knives, compete in hopes of impressing the audience and having the chance to come back during the season finale for a chance at headlining their own show at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

Myrtle Beach resident Nick Pike is one of those performers and is a man of many talents. He's a juggler, comedian and dangerous stunt performer.

Originally from England, the 38-year-old credits his passion of performing to a festival that used to visit his hometown when he was a kid.

"When I was 11, I learned how to juggle and became obsessed with that as a hobby and really enjoyed watching all the street performers that came," Pike said. "I was always drawn to the people that combined the comedy with the tricks."

When he was 19, he began traveling from country to country, working as a street performer for a few years before he landed a job headlining on cruise ships.

"I went from street performer to headlining the biggest cruise ships in the world pretty much overnight," Pike explained. "I was 24-years-old then, and that's where I met my wife — on a cruise ship. She was an American dancer working on Princess Cruises and we worked the ships for a long time and moved to Myrtle Beach in 2007. "

Pike also appeared on season five of "America's Got Talent," making it through 70,000 people into the top 48 acts.

He said he was invited to perform on "Showtime at the Apollo" after a producer from the show discovered him from AGT.

"The Apollo is this hugely prestigious theater with the reputation for having the world's toughest crowd, so when you get invited there you're like 'Oh, this can go really well or it can go really bad," he said through laughter. "It was just a great experience and I almost can't believe I got invited there."

Nick Pike Showtime at the Apollo 2.jpg
Myrtle Beach resident Nick Pike performing on the season premiere of FOX's "Showtime at the Apollo." Photo courtesy FOX

His stunt at the Apollo Theater involved walking on shards of glass doused in kerosene as he juggled an axe, a cleaver knife and fire — all while he was barefoot and blindfolded.

"The highlight was being on stage at the Apollo, and my wife and my 7-year-old daughter were in the crowd and got to see me perform … and Steve Harvey did like me," Pike joked.

Pike said one day, he hopes to perform a "family act" with his wife and daughter.

"Perhaps to perform all together, myself, my wife and my daughter, I think that would be my biggest dream," he added. "Doing a bit of juggling, dancing and making people laugh … that would be awesome."

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Nick Pike Showtime at the Apollo (1).jpg
Myrtle Beach resident Nick Pike performing on FOX's premiere of "Showtime at the Apollo." Courtesy FOX