‘Mountain Man’ to Pelicans game in Myrtle Beach Saturday

Fans of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” can hit a home-run memory of their own at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans game on Saturday.

Tim Guraedy, better known as “Mountain Man” on the TV series in its sixth season and airing 10 p.m. Wednesdays, will meet and greet fans and pose for photographs during the baseball game against the Wilmington Blue Rocks from Delaware. First pitch is 7:05 p.m., and like every home game on a Saturday, Grand Strand residents who served in World War II will be honored as part of the Pelicans’ “Embrace Veterans Saturdays” promotion.

Guraedy speaks slowly and thoroughly, exactly as the longtime air conditioning specialist by trade does on “Duck Dynasty,” where he is a neighbor of the featured family, the Robertsons. Their Duck Commander company has gone global in selling duck calls and other merchandise and will sponsor Independence Bowl football games in Shreveport, La., through 2019.

Calling Monday from his hometown West Monroe, La., where he has lived for more than a quarter-century, Guraedy remained the humble, faithful Mountain Man. He reiterated his gratitude for so many blessings. He also continues as host of his own radio show 6-7 p.m. (5-6 p.m. CDT) Tuesdays on KMLB-AM “Talk” 540 in Monroe (www.kmlb.com).

Question | What is it about being reared in a small-town setting that enriches a child in ways that money cannot measure?

Answer | For us, it’s not being afraid of the woods, ... and going to bed at night and not even locking your door. It’s just real people, and it’s really soothing. It’s a slower pace, and it makes you able to be able to think more clearly about things. You need to slow a little bit, look around. and smell the roses, and get your Bible out.

Q. | Having lived in various states across the country – your native Louisiana, as well as Minnesota, Tennessee and Indiana, what common threads are most visible and appreciated among people everywhere?

A. | It’s like I tell everybody everywhere I go, I meet good people. Sure, you’ll meet some people who are not very good, but in every state I go to, every town I go to, there are great people, and you can’t be prejudiced.

Q. | When seeing youth today, what direction is most pivotal to punctuate for positive upbringing, and what also might be good reminders for parents?

A. | I try to encourage them. I tell them how it works for me: I put God first in my life, then the rest of the things all fall into place. There will be trials and tribulations, and I try to talk to them about things to avoid: bullying,;kids having sex at an earlier age; how little girls are getting pregnant in junior high; and drugs. For sure, there is no good ever coming out of those things.

Q. | Outside the show “Duck Dynasty,” what other pastimes captivate you, maybe something we don’t see on camera?

A. | You have the hunting and fishing. ... I start every day by relaxing with nature. I throw a whole bunch of bird seed outside. There are so many squirrels around here that I have names for two or three of them. Usually, that kind of sets the pace of the day, and I kind of think about how I want to do things on this day, what I need to do. Sometimes, ... life gets hectic, and you have to have your relaxation time just to keep your mind together, being an old country boy who loves the outdoors. I didn’t ask for it; it was a blessing.

A lot of times, I just go to my secluded spot, which is where I live, and try to stay away from people for a little while; I get in my comfort zone with my animals.

Q. | What singers please your ears the most?

A. | I grew up with Charlie Daniels, and I listen to my ZZ Top to stay on the rock side of it. I listen to a lot of country music. ... I like songs that tell a story.

Q. | What new aspects about the Robertsons and you do you hope viewers recognize in this sixth season under way for “Duck Dynasty”?

A. | You can look for more of the same good, wholesome family entertainment. Nothing’s going to change.