Rebelution set to hit House of Blues June 19

Fans of the California Reggae band Rebelution are likely to say “count us in” with the promise of a summer tour to remember along with word the group’s fourth full-length release, “Count Me In” will be part of the performance at The House of Blues on June 19.

Making their way down the East Coast while marking their tenth year together are best friends turned business partners Eric Rachmany (vocals/guitar), Wesley Finley (drums), Rory Carey (keyboards) and Marley D. Williams.

The group of graduates and longtime friends who hail from UC Santa Barbara is set to stop in Myrtle Beach “for a live show full of energy,” said Williams.

Williams not only promised that fans can expect more new “stuff” as in music for the mind and soul, future fans can look forward to feeling welcome, positive with a night to “forget stress.”

Of the place they’re playing “where music feeds the soul,” Williams said, “We always have a great time in Myrtle Beach.”

“It’s a night [for everyone] to gather and have a great time.”

For seven years, the Cannabis advocates – and who isn’t these days wonders Williams – who believe that peace and positivity are the root of all things good, have taken on making music and touring full-time with a home-grown approach that mixes their music with word of mouth – and without much media support.

“It doesn’t get you there as quick,” Williams admitted, but “the power of the people” is what’s led them to where they are now: playing 100-120 shows per year while not worrying about much.

Rebelution’s “‘Too Blessed to be Stressed’ is one of many key song lyrics from the recent release through their own label 87 Music in partnership for the first time with Easy Star Records.”

The band’s bio at http://rebelutionmusic.com/site/ also went on to report “The songs on ‘Count Me in’ show that (they’re too blessed to be stressed) as they combine ever-youthful energy with a mature perspective. “

Those perspectives range in age from 30 - 32.

“We have two who are 31 and one who just turned 30,” said Williams, who admitted to being one of the two 31 year olds.

Their messages of positivity come from the fact that “every song has a story,” said both Rachmany and Williams. Williams explained that the lyrics aren’t always about “our lives” and some songs are created from just “general things that happen to other people that we put it together and make music.”

“Music moves you mentally and it brings people together,” Williaims said. He also said that while the band believes they can use music “to make a change” and address “social issues,” they’re not “a politically driven band.”

Although it is through “some acknowledgment of injustice that deepens some of Rebelutions stories and the roots-reggae tradition that inspired the band in the first place,” it isn’t likely either had any to do with how the name “Rebelution” was chosen.

“There wasn’t a bolt of lightning or magical moment,” Williams said. “We were just sitting around one day, having a casual conversation and decided on (the name) ‘Rebelution’”

“It was a cool play on words” he added.

Joining Rebelution on tour are supporting acts Iration, The Green, Stick Figure and DJ Mackle.