Disney Channel star attending Myrtle Beach Pelicans game this weekend for meet and greet

For Allie DeBerry, sports has been all in the family.

Best known for playing Paisley Houndstooth for more than two years on Disney Channel’s “A.N.T. Farm” series, DeBerry will go to bat with a pen for autographs and photo poses 7-9 p.m. Saturday for a meet-and-greet session at TicketReturn.com Field at Pelicans Ballpark as the Myrtle Beach Pelicans continue a four-game weekend homestand against the Carolina Mudcats.

The TV roles for the Texas native, who splits time between her hometown Houston and Los Angeles, also include appearances on Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson, VP,” Disney’s “Shake it Up!” and The CW’s “Hart of Dixie.”

Calling Thursday from home in the Lone Star State, DeBerry also shared how sandlots continue scoring runs in her household.

Question | What pleasant surprises about Paisley emerged in developing and growing with that role from 2011-13 on “A.N.T. Farm”?

Answer | I had no idea the show would blow up into a success as much as it did. Growing up, I watched the Disney Channel. I was glued to it. One day, I told my mom, “I want to be on the Disney Channel.” ...

When I got the role, I remember after the very first episode aired, the next day, I went down to the river ... and I got recognized by a whole group of kids. I was just shocked that they all recognized me. ... It’s been really fun, and a great experience.

Q. | Seeing the success of TV series aimed at teens and tweens, especially through cable outlets such as Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and ABC Family, how has TV in general changed since you were starting to tune in as a youngster?

A. | There’s a lot more choices for kids. ... I grew up watching the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and now there’s a bunch of other channels. Kids watch Disney Channel on their iPads. I had to be in at 7 p.m. on a Friday night to see a favorite show, and now they can just TiVo it. I think that’s pretty cool.

Q. | Never mind that both Major League Baseball clubs in Texas are having a subpar year. Are you a fan of the Houston Astros, where Nolan Ryan has joined the front office, at one of the four franchises for which he pitched in a 27-year Major League career?

A. | I’m an Astros fan, and I go to quite a few games. ... My dad is a high school baseball coach, and I grew up on baseball, especially with two older brothers playing baseball through high school. We’re all big baseball fans. ...

When my dad heard I would be throwing ceremonial first pitch at the Pelicans game – and he’ll be coming to the game, too – one of the first things he said was, “We need to work on your pitch, so you don’t embarrass me.”

Q. | Playing so many sports in school, and cheerleading, how did staying so active after school enrich your life and your school days?

A. | I was very well-rounded in school; I was pretty much into everything ... until my freshman year, then missing so much school with filming in the studio, I had to check out of school. But we had a classrooms on the set of “A.N.T. Farm,” which was really catering to our education. ...

Sports are so big in Texas, especially with football every Friday night in the fall. ... The baseball team my dad coaches is in the playoffs, so I’m going to a game tonight.

Q. | With you pursuing college studies online, what direction might you take for a major?

A. | I’m interested in communications and broadcasting, because I’m familiar with the area, and I’d like to do a little journalism, but I’m fine continuing in the entertainment industry, and I want to do more in movies and be on more TV shows.

Q. | Anything special planned for your 20th birthday later this year?

A. | I have no big plans. ... Maybe take a little beach trip or someplace by a lake – nothing too big.

Q. | Maybe you’ll come back to Myrtle Beach for a getaway?

A. | I’ve been there a couple of times. There’s so many cute little restaurants, and I like Broadway at the Beach, which has Ripley’s Aquarium; I would like to ride the paddle boats there.