Kicks! Quicks | If you haven’t tried Second Avenue Pier for breakfast, what are you waiting for?

The view is so fabulous at Second Avenue Pier that the fact that the food is good is just lagniappe.

The Collins family capitalized on their best asset – the Atlantic Ocean – when designing a space with panoramic views and a tree house-like feel. Vaulted ceilings, rich woods, casual furnishings and modern, brightly colored light fixtures subtly frame the natural beauty. Even non-window tables offer a sight to behold.

For breakfast, it’s a little pricier than your typical pancake house, but the setting, food quality and portion size more than make up for that.

Service is impeccable. The servers are as friendly and engaging on a busy Easter Sunday as they are on a slow January morning.

In the offseason, you are likely to encounter friends and neighbors. In season, it’s likely to be a mix of folks from here and there.

Enough about the ambience, let me tell you about the eats.

The coffee was strong and served hot, with sweeteners aplenty and half-and-half that needed refrigeration. Our water glasses were refilled in a timely manner, and we were offered the choice of having a lemon slice.

I, myself, am a bacon, eggs and toast girl and have ordered nothing else, aside from their sublime grits and fried potatoes. Everything is beyond tasty; even the wheat toast is above average. Over order, as I do, and you will be glad of the leftovers.

Did I mention the grits? They are the stuff that dreams are made of and could only be improved by the shrimp, ham and red eye gravy proffered at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My husband is less of a breakfast purist and has sampled the Cobia omelet – fresh spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and parmesan; the Tabor City Toast – orange crusted Texas toast filled with peanut butter and bananas; and the Bucksport Banana Pancakes – three large banana pancakes.

No worries, my fork did wander.

The Cobia delivered; every bite was flavorful and every ingredient well represented.

The Tabor City Toast was flavor overload, which, for some, can be a good thing. Imagine a warm peanut butter and slightly acidic orange marmalade sandwich with banana slices. One can only imagine what Elvis would have thought.

I feel certain, however, that the Bucksport Banana Pancakes would have Jack Johnson happily crooning.

Although I have only had breakfast, I know folks who count the pier among their favorite lunch and dinner spots. Which is completely understandable, with selections like crab dip, Lowcountry egg rolls, the Sunset Shrimp Stack featuring fried green tomatoes, a grouper Reuben, a ribeye with garlic shallot herb butter and a house-made Key lime pie.

There are plenty of lunch entrée choices for around $10 and dinner selections, which include a salad and side, for around $20. At dinner, there are more economical sandwich options; not something that all restaurants offer.

The open air bar looks to have a beachy, “Sex and the City” feel and props for a bar menu that includes a fruit plate with yogurt and a garden salad alongside cheese fries, barbecue and hot dogs.

Oceanfront venues are surprisingly few and far between around here, and this is one of the best. As the southern anchor to the boardwalk, it is the perfect vacation destination for staycationers and vacationers alike.