Dear Reader | Baby, it’s gonna be cold outside, and maybe icy too, so be patient

01/27/2014 2:40 PM

03/25/2014 3:00 PM

I hope, as I am sure you do, that by the time you read this the forecasters will have a better sense of just how cold, icy and snowy it might get ‘round here.

We all need to know just how much milk, bread and other essentials we need to horde; how important it is to have something sturdier than a credit card to scrape the ice from the windshield; whether our exposed water pipes have enough insulation; who to call in case they don’t; whether school will be held as usual; and just how careful to be on the ridges that “ice before roads,” as the signs that seem so humorous in August read.

For the newsroom, the forecast requires other consideration. Who will report on which of the many angles such a potential storm/cold snap will cause to our communities.

And for the newspaper itself, we must decide whether we will move up our deadlines to make deliveries earlier and, we hope, safer for our carriers who -- like most of us -- aren’t likely to be experienced in driving in a “wintry mix.” (That’s my favorite weather term, by the way. Sounds like a white-chocolate covered snack served during the holidays.)

We will, in fact, have earlier deadlines at least for some days this week. We hope you understand and will be patient with carriers who will be doing their best to get your morning paper to you as quickly as safely possible.

And remember, you can access the news and much more at, or through our Smartphone and tablet apps. Please share your weather experiences with us, as well, either via email to or at Facebook/sunnews.

You can also share your thoughts on what you think of The Weather Channel’s 2012 decision to start naming winter storms, ala hurricanes. Is it just a ratings gambit or does it, as a former editor of mine used to ask, “add to the sum of human knowledge” about the event?

I’d say no on the latter and yes on the former. For one thing, the National Weather Service hasn’t jumped on board that sled. But that’s just me. Also, I don’t even want to think about what it might mean, if anything, that the name TWC has chosen this time, “Kronos,” is the same name as the program that handles our payroll.

C’mon in

Recently I have received some emails from readers bewildered at some decisions we make regarding the news, especially national and international, we select and where we publish it.

It reminds me that I haven’t issued an invitation in a while to those who wish to join one of our daily planning meetings. Things have changed a bit since last I wrote. We no longer have a traditional meeting in the morning, but you are welcome to join us any weekday afternoon at 3 p.m. Just contact my assistant Lisa Urban at 626-0300 so she can schedule your visit.

We look forward to seeing you, and hearing your comments and questions in person.

Thanks in advance for your patience and your comments during our upcoming winter storm, in whatever form it takes.

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