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Issac Bailey blog | Someone stole the Myrtle Manor sign. Why didn’t they take the show, too?

08/06/2014 9:09 AM

08/06/2014 9:10 AM

I’m not in favor of vandalism, and for that reason, I hope whoever stole the Myrtle Manor sign is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If the cops need any pointers on how to handle such thieves to deter future thieves, though, I’m willing to provide them a copy of the recent half-season of “24” on Fox and they can do to this perpetrator what Jack Bauer did in the final episode to a long-time nemesis. For those who didn’t watch the show, let’s just say Bauer made sure to end that threat once and for all, which is why I’m sure employing such a technique to punish the Myrtle Manor sign thief would guarantee a third such sign would not be taken.

However, I must express a bit of dismay that the thief took the sign but left behind the show itself. That’s cruel. That’s cold. An unknown thief gets away with a souvenir of a reality TV show soon to enter its third year while the Myrtle Beach area remains stuck with an unflattering deception of itself being broadcast on national television.

Not that I’m suggesting any law-breaking – because I would never do such a thing – how about the next time someone eyes a Myrtle Manor keepsake that they leave the sign and take the show?

Read more about the dastardly theft here.

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