Letters | Columnist’s humor raises race concern, provokes defense; Constitution Week a time to honor what makes U.S. great; Time to reconfigure gas tax to account for technology, new cars

08/19/2014 10:29 AM

08/19/2014 10:31 AM

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Columnist’s humor

raises race concern

I was a little taken aback by Pam Stone's racist remarks in her Aug. 10 column, “Save the rage for something that matters.” Her obvious inference is that respectable white women named Catherine or Amanda would never stoop to stabbing their partners. That task would be for black women named Vernette.

Perhaps Ms. Stone has never heard of Catherine Birnie, a white Australian woman, who along with her husband, murdered five women in their home. I don't recall someone named Vernette and her husband doing that. Ms. Stone seems to have attended the Michael Richard's School of Journalism. You know, let's just say it now and see if we need to apologize later. Shame on her for writing this racist rhetoric and shame on you for printing it.

Gary Head

Garden City

Lighten up,

it’s a humor column

Yes Eri, we can tell you are not from "down here" because you are assuming a lot. Everyone knows “Vernette“ is a redneck name. You must have left your sense or humor “up there.”

Pam Stone is great and I look forward to reading her column every Sunday. Lighten up for Pete's sake; she's a humorist. By the way, don't read Celia Rivenbark’s column. You really will have a hissy fit.

Joan Owen

Garden City

Save the date

Constitution Week honors

what makes U.S. great

Our Constitution is being whittled away because most of us only give lip service to it. Our country is in turmoil, our traditions and our Constitution are being challenged from all corners, even from within. Sept.17-23 is Constitution Week across our nation, and we will have an opportunity to learn about it.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is hosting South Carolina’s Constitution Commemoration at 10 a.m. on Sept. 20, at First Presbyterian Church, Wilkes Hall, in Myrtle Beach. The event is free, and an opportunity for patriots of all ages to honor our Constitution, with more than boring speeches. Thomas Jefferson will introduce Gen. George Washington, each Colony will be introduced with a flag carried by a Patriot in period clothing, Carolina Master Chorale will sing, bells will be rung.

Our constitution is where the strength of our nation lies. It is the greatest document any country has ever had the privilege to live under. We must stop just paying lip service to it, we need to stay alert and engaged.

Sheila Lancaster

Myrtle Beach


Changes in cars, technology

mark reason to look at gas tax

It is time to look at the gas tax, but not as what it is based on presently. The gas tax needs to be calculated on mileage and weight, which actually would show use of roads.

Everyone forgets that Hybrid cars are on the road free. Technology also has increased mileage for people who can afford new cars.

Robert Santoro


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