Letters | Perry opponents, Rice have something in common; Tent-less beaches a welcome sight for longtime visitor; Bikefest visitors need to show respect; Speaking of golf pre-empting TV, football takes the prize

08/18/2014 6:33 PM

08/18/2014 6:35 PM

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Perry opponents, Rice

have something in common

I am not a fan of the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, but I have to come down on his side concerning the recent politically motivated indictment claiming Perry abused his power as governor. Governor Perry is quoted as saying, "We don't settle political indifferences (?) with indictments in this country."

Here in South Carolina, U.S. Rep. Tom Rice would with strongly disagree with Governor Perry. He happens to think lawsuits are a great way to settle "political indifferences."

Donald Smith

Murrells Inlet


Open beaches a welcome

sight to longtime visitor

I've been coming to Myrtle Beach for decades. In fact I watched the moon landing there in 1969. I just want to say that I applaud the MB area for its ban on tents at the beach.

I was there recently for a vacation and was glad no huge tents were set up between the dunes and umbrellas. It had really gotten out of hand over the past five or so years. I really enjoyed not having to walk between anchor wires and tent posts to get to my hotel.

Not to mention that, some of the tents were huge and could have housed a track team. I know it may be unpopular with some, but I'm glad it was done.

Chris Morris

Blue Ridge, Va.


Bikefest visitors need

to display civility

I read with interest the comments made by Mickey James, Myrtle Beach NAACP President in the Aug.16 edition of The Sun News.

He is correct, respect is the key to a peaceful Memorial Day weekend on the Grand Strand. Doesn't he realize that to be respected you have to show respect. Instead of training local law enforcement to show respect, how about teaching our visitors to show respect to others around them? Respect isn't a one-way street.

Beth Graves

Little River


Speaking of pre-empting shows,

football takes the prize

Re: Aug. 15 letter from Dave Kessler, “Don’t get too smug about TV ratings”

I have to wonder how Mr. Kessler feels about the inability to watch all the programs he mentioned that were unavailable because of golf, an occasional tournament, when football season is upon us?

I would much rather watch a golf ball being hit then players knocking the sense out of a fellow human being every other Sunday.

Connie Smith

Myrtle Beach

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