Letters | Farewell to Dr. James Forrester, superb doctor, human; Surprise purchase restores faith; Columnist’s humor borders on racist

08/15/2014 4:41 PM

08/15/2014 4:42 PM

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Dr. Forrester superb

doctor, role model

It was with great sorrow that I noted the passing of Dr. James Forrester, a true gentleman and a superb physician. His published obituary gives testimony to his long service to his country, to this state, and to our community.

But what I will remember most about Jim is what a tremendous role model he was for me during the many years we served together on the medical staff of Georgetown Memorial Hospital. In both word and deed, he taught me that “it is a privilege to serve” all of our patients, regardless of their station in life.

Serving with him on the Medical Executive Committee at the hospital, I learned to suspend judgment until all parties had had the opportunity to present their sides and all the evidence had been reviewed. Finally, Jim possessed that most valuable quality for a physician, equanimity, grace under fire. That served him well as a physician and leader. I will sorely miss him.

Dr. Lance A. Duvall



Stranger’s generosity

restores optimism

An event that happened to me today restored my faith in the kindness of strangers. I was at the Staples store in the Surfwood Shopping Center on U.S. 17 in North Myrtle Beach buying school supplies for my students for the beginning of the year.

The woman behind me in line looked at all of the school supplies I was piling on the counter at the register and she asked if I was a teacher. I laughed and said “yes I am.” When the cashier finished totaling up my order, the woman behind me insisted on paying for it.

She said she was grateful for everything that teachers do for their students and wanted to pay for my order to say thank you. I was stunned and very appreciative. I don't know the name of the woman who was so generous but she gave me more than just school supplies: she made me feel appreciated for what I do each and every school day. I hope she sees this letter, knows how grateful I am, and knows that she has inspired me to pay it forward somehow.

Tracy Heim

West Chester, Pa.

The writer was staying in her North Myrtle Beach condo at the time of her shopping trip.


Humor approach

borderline racist

Full disclosure, I am a Yankee and you do things differently down here but racism is racism in any location.

Today while reading Pam Stone’s usually nondescript column, something jumped out. She was telling a story about a women who stabbed her best friend, mentioning her name was Vernette. She goes on you say “of course that's her name. Women named Katherine or Amanda don't go around stabbing people in a drunken rage with a serrated knife.”

She also doubles down by saying the person who came to the victim’s rescue was “surprisingly, also drunk.”

I hope no one read her column but if they did, I hope they have the same reaction.

Eri Morganteen

Myrtle Beach,

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