Letters | Kudos to women who rescued dog; Be careful what you wish for with HOA laws; Issac Bailey’s eloquence makes domestic violence message clear

08/12/2014 4:52 PM

08/13/2014 6:22 AM

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Kudos to women

who rescued dog

I want to shout out to the two girls charged with "stealing dogs" in a show of support. If I had to look at a poor dog tied to a tree in this heat day in and day out, I think I might do the same thing and then charge the owner of the dogs with causing me "mental anguish."

At least the dog had a few hours respite.

Candy McGinley



Be careful what

laws you wish for

Re: Aug. 10 article, “HOA law in South Carolina gathering support from Horry delegation”

Please carefully consider all aspects of living in an HOA community. After researching many stories of HOA life around the country, I have come to the conclusion that the vocal minority gets the most press.

As an example taken from the article mentioned above, there seems to be some concern by a resident (as stated by Rep. Nelson Hardwick) “I think it’s crazy that you can’t have a boat and trailer in your yard.” If that is a real issue for the majority of the residents in their community, in most CCRs or Bylaws there are ways to change the rule by voting members.

On the other side of the debate is the mostly silent group of homeowners who read and fully understand the HOA contract that they agreed to and fully expect not to have boat, trailers or whatever cluttering their neighborhood, and for other members of their community to abide by the rules they agreed to or have them changed by popular vote.

Kevin M. Lukachek



Columnist’s eloquence

make message clear

Re: Aug. 10 column by Issac Bailey, “Football missing opportunity to curb violence against women”

Issac does it again. I wish I was as eloquent when trying to teach our son why he could not hit his sisters. He got the message but it would have been more effective if there was more reasoning and not just, "You don't hit girls!"

My four grandsons will have reason and discipline. Thanks, Issac for your wise words.

Flossie Love Chapman

North Myrtle Beach

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