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August 12, 2014

Letter | Compromise must be a two-way street

Re: July 28 letter from Terry Munson, “Schizophrenia requires colossal amounts of hypocrisy”

Re: July 28 letter from Terry Munson, “Schizophrenia requires colossal amounts of hypocrisy”

I was dismayed that this letter did not fall into The Sun News category of “Letters that contain inappropriate attacks on individuals or groups.”

Although I give the writer credit for a cleverly written letter, it is clearly an unabated bashing of the Republican Party, our duly elected officials, and a national advocacy organization, The Tea Party. I don’t believe I have to have anger at the president to disagree with his administration, his Affordable Care Act, his lack of foreign policies and actions, and his ignorance of any attempt to engage the opposition party for constructive legislation.

I just believe this president is doing a poor job based on performance to date. The writer, as many liberals espouse, dismisses an opposing point of view as a lack of compassion, fairness, national interest and compromise.

May I remind the writer that the Affordable Care Act was legislation passed without consideration of the opposition party, without compromise, followed by U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen.Harry Reid’s gloating about the new health care law like a couple of 6-year-old kids celebrating the win of a pickup baseball game in the face of the losers.

In addition, our President has pledged that he is willing to work with the opposition and then doesn’t. Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

Furthermore, my view is that the economy is thriving despite President Obama’s efforts and the current $17 trillion debt caused by the current administration may ultimately have to be addressed perhaps by a Republican president who inevitably will be blamed by the writer of the July 28, 2014 article as the fault of Republican policies.

I am not apologetic about being a member of the Republican Party for my whole life because I believe that I have better sense how to spend my money than does the government. I also believe that during the history of this country, companies thrived and expanded when they were regulated less and that one of the American unalienable tenets should be maximum individual freedom without unnecessary government oversight or regulation.

Please compare countries who have a socialistic philosophy and look at the high individual and corporate taxes the populace bears. High government spending places a burden on our children and grandchildren, undermines the economy for the long term, and devalues the dollar. To my Democratic friend, it takes two to compromise so please don’t attack and denigrate our democratically elected officials for representing the people who elected them on the issues these people support. I’ve listened and considered your diatribe and see no reason or compromise in your words either.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.

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